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Employment is a Fight

We’ve all had bad interviews. We’ve all felt that our resume needs improvement. It takes strength to keep trying when we have faced rejections and silence.

Have we been fighting with our hands tied behind our back?

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What is Job Gladiator?

Job Gladiator offers digital employment services to get you hired fast. We offer knowledge and tools that you can use to increase your job seeking power. On our online subscription service, our Gladiators get access to cutting edge resume scanning tools, skill building courses and career coaching at a price that cannot be beat. We have spent thousands of hours researching and working in the career building industry to find the best tools and information you need to be successful in today’s job battle-field. 

More Job Interviews, Better Resumes, and the Mindset to Win.

We understand that there are many options out there and maybe that you don’t feel ready to truly commit to finding  your dream job. We understand how you feel. We just want to tell you that we are here to fight for you. Just hear what our past members have to say:

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Students seeking their first job or internship, and entry level positions.


Managers, Supervisors and Team Leads, 3-5 years of experience.


Vice Presidents, Directors, and Senior Managers, 5-7 years of experience.


C-Suite Executives, Presidents and Founders, 10+ years of experience.

Who is Michael Altshuler?

First and foremost, Michael Altshuler is a man strongly committed to his faith, his family, and his friends. In business, Michael is a serial entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and the Founder of Job Gladiator.

At age 22 he started a copier company that would go on to become a multimillion-dollar business. After selling the company to multibillion-dollar industry giant IKON Office Solutions in 1997, Michael relocated to Florida and embarked on his new career as a peak performance expert. Over the next 20 years, he embarked on several other ventures. At heart, Michael is a game-changer who wants to leave the world better than he found it by positively impacting individuals and businesses along the way.

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